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Casting Call from Matt

Hi Jack,

I'm a director based in South London and I'm currently in pre-production for a music video. The band's called Kombu Nori and the song's called 'Summer Sun' - here's the link to the song: And also here's the link to some of the short films I've directed:

I was wondering whether it would please be possible for a casting call to be sent out to your current members? I'm looking to cast 9 actors from a range of ages, ethnicities, genders, heights (etc...). It's open to anyone and everyone basically, as long as the actors are over eighteen.

Because I'm self-funding the video, I'm only able to pay the actor's expenses and provide food/drink on-set. Is this something you'd still be able to send out to your current members? I completely understand if not of course. Whilst it's going to be a low budget production, because I work professionally on film sets as a day job, various professional crew members (a cinematographer, costume designer, 1st AD, and hair-and-make up artist) have offered to help out on the shoot, so it'll be a professional level video.

This is the video concept: A one-take lateral tracking shot set on the pavement of a suburban street. The camera will track with one character (Character One) for a period of time, until the next character (Character Two) overtakes them, at which point the camera will track with Character Two for a while. This cycle, with each new character being faster than the one before, will be repeated across the whole video, culminating in a cyclist overtaking a pair of joggers. The actors won't be saying or singing the lyrics, they'll be doing whatever their character is written to do - having a frustrating phone call with their partner, for example.

It's a very character-focused video as you can see from this summary, and so I hope it'll be a fun opportunity for actors to create a fully-rounded, fully-developed character.

In terms of the actor's applications, please could you ask them to film a brief video introducing themselves? It'd also be great if they could provide a showreel or example of their acting, but this isn't necessary if they don't have one. Please could you ask them to send their applications to:

The shoot date is Sunday 24th September and it'll be filming in South London, The exact call and wrap times are yet to be finalised, but it'll roughly be a 09:00 - 19:30pm day.

Please let me know if you have any questions at all, and thanks very much in advance!



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